Tools For Learning Bonus

In this course we have been introduced and used many digital applications and Platforms. I was newly introduced to Slack, Hypothes, and WordPress. There were also ones that I already used Zoom, Twitter, Google Slides, and Google Docs.

One of the most interesting tools to me was WordPress. I never thought that one day I will have my own blog, but thanks to WordPress I have one now. Now I have my own blog and I can create so many Multimedia features to my posts with it. I also plan to continue using it after I finish the course. I’m seriously thinking of posting my reflections on Basketball events and the game in general. I have so many advices and tips that I wish to share with others who would benefit from it.

Another tool that I found interesting is the Slack application. Slack is a quick tool for communication like WhatsApp but more formal without exchanging phone numbers, that is why it was very suitable to use it with the professor during the course. It was much more faster than the traditional email method. It is also very organized and the conversations didn’t have to be as formal as an email. I felt comfortable using it at anytime if I had any inquiries or requests.

There was also there were assigned articles that we needed to read thoroughly and annotate. This platform made it very easy for us to comment and see other people’s comments from my class and also other people from different places and comment on them. I will recommend this site to other professors who assign students annotation on readings.

I have been using Google slides for some time especially in group presentation. I didn’t find it that interesting before this class. I never thought that it could be used to create a digital learning game. But when I watched Dr. Maha Bali explain the steps to use it in a very simple way, I realized that there is a lot that can be done with it like linking slides. When I finished creating my game using it I felt that I accomplished something very impressive,

Finally, through my Digital Literacy Pathway journey I came across the All Aboard website that has around 20 stations of digital literacy lessons. I actually attended two of them one about researching and the other about presentations. They were both very informative and I learned a lot of skills that I already missed would definitely use later in my education. After I finish each module or lesson I get assessed and if I pass I get a badge of accomplishment which make it very exciting.

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